3 Must-follow YouTube channels for aspiring web developers

Dream of being a hotshot web developer? Looking for ideas and tutorials on the internet? Choose carefully … the internet is flooded with information, some good, some bad and usually presented in the most uninspiring and complicated way. But it’s the presentation that really matters. So how did I learn and hone my digital skills? Simple, I watched YouTube!

Trying to learn new web technologies online can be a daunting proccess, filtering through copious amounts of semi-useful to utterly useless information only to end up knowing less than you did before you started.

I found it much easier to learn web development and design techniques by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. Firstly, it’s visual, way more entertaining and best of all, you get to see the result of the code in action without having to generate it yourself. This eases the learning curve. Here are the three YouTube channels I found the most useful:


1. DevTips

Created and presented by Travis Neilson (Interaction Designer at Google)


The channel features weekly design and development videos in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Travis also covers a bunch of different frameworks for these web technologies and trending techniques found throughout the internet.

What I like about DevTips:

One of my favourite things about this channel is the way it is presented. It’s fun to watch and to the point . While Travis is coding, you can see his text editor and the browser showing the resulting HTML at the same time. He also features multi-part video series, covering more complicated topics broken up in easy to digest bite-size videos.


2. LevelUpTuts

Created and presented by Scott Tolinski (Senior Web Developer for Team Detroit)


This channel features a range of tutorial videos that focus specifically on learning web technologies. From front-end development to content management systems and even Android development.

What I like about LevelUpTuts:

The tutorials are easy to follow and understand. Even though most of the videos cover basic topics, it still offers high value production information.


3. DerekBanas

Created and presented by Derek Banas (Owner of My Business Builders, LLC.)


The channel features videos based on viewer requests, which cover a vast range of topics. Most relate to web technologies and computer programming, but you will even find some health food recipes in the mix.

What I like about DerekBanas:

Two things really make this channel stand out. The first is the variety of topics presented by Derek. Anything from front-end development to document-oriented database programs and computer programming with C and C#. The second, and probably my favourite, thing about this channel is the “Learn in one video” series. Just one video that covers all the essential information you need to help you on your way to mastering a specific topic.



One thing to remember:

When it comes to web design and development there are so many ways to achieve the same result. Before you go ahead and learn every single scripting and programming language known to man, determine what you are going to use it for and what problems it needs to solve. You might find that with the right combination of three or four of these web technologies you can achieve exactly what you want.

What’s your favourite way of learning new skills? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Chelsea says:

    What great information, thank you!

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