Breakouts: what your skin is trying to tell you


Here’s what getting pimples in specific parts of the face means, and how to avoid them

by Elvorne Palmer

Spots. Everyone gets them. Everyone hates them. And it gets worse when you’re stressed, tired or just feeling a little off. They seem to just appear whenever you least need them, like they have a mind of their own.

But, of course, they don’t. Spots occur in your skin for any number of reasons. Breakouts are your body’s way of telling you what’s going on with it. Sounds weird, but, if you learn to listen to your skin, it can help you make more positive lifestyle and diet changes, and hopefully get rid of those pesky spots for good.

Here’s what breakouts in different areas of the face might indicate:


1. Chin, jawline and neck

Usual suspects:

  • Hormones – give your skin a little extra TLC when you’re on your period: up your skincare routine with some nice, natural products and try to get a little more rest and eat healthily
  • Stomach – eat more fibre-rich foods and drink herbal tea to help digestion


2. Around the mouth

Usual suspects:

  • Food – invisible irritants like acids and greasy foods can inflame the skin and clog pores, so keep some fresh wipes handy


3. On the cheeks

Usual suspects:

  • Pollutants – an air purifier (with HEPA filter) for your home or office can help, otherwise get more fresh air and check make-up expiry dates
  • Allergies – much the same as the above, but you might also want to invest in some locally-produced honey (it helps inoculate you against the pollen of plants in your area)
  • Dirty phone or hands – clean your phone with an antibacterial wipe regularly and never, but never, touch your face


4. The forehead

Usual suspects:

  • Digestion – your body might be struggling to break down some foods, help it by eating more raw and whole foods while drinking lots of water
  • Stress – our natural stress responses flood the face’s T-zone with oil – best to try some yoga and maintain a good skincare routine when anxiety strikes
  • Teen hormones – stop, breathe, try to relax and use a good natural skin product (puberty doesn’t last forever, promise!)


5. Between eyebrows

Usual suspects:

  • Liver – no alcohol, cut out dairy and greasy foods and get plenty of rest
  • Food allergy – check ingredients in everything from food to make-up


6. Tip of the nose

Usual suspects:

  • Heart, blood pressure and cholesterol – eat healthily, exercise and control stress (pilates or yoga can do wonders)


7. Earlobes

Usual suspects:

  • Kidneys – it’s usually dehydration, so drink lots of water and get in enough electrolytes (there’s an easy home-made recipe on our all-natural first aid page) and trace minerals (pink Himalayan salt)


8. Neck and throat

Usual suspects:

  • Illness – your body might be fighting off an infection, so get enough sleep, continue to eat healthily and maintain a good hygiene routine


Got any cool tips for beating breakouts to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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Elvorne Palmer

Elvorne Palmer

Elvorne is a cat person and the editor of LiveNatural. He has spent over a decade as journalist, activist and writer from here to London and Rome slowly coming to the conclusion that there are few things better in life than spending time with people you love, enjoying good food and dancing to your own tune.