Review: Natural Beauty range


For glowing skin, this natural, vegan-friendly, not tested on animals skincare range is the only way to go.

by Brenda Bryden

After all, its not just about what you put on your skin but also what is absorbed by your skin, the run-off a product produces and the environmental impact of what goes into making it, as well as what happens to the packaging afterwards.

Natural Beauty’s uniquely formulated products – comprising a facial scrub, foaming and cream cleansers, clarifying toner and a daily moisturiser – provide a natural and environmentally-friendly alternative, using only the finest plant-derived ingredients, certified organic extracts and pure essential oils. And, it’s grey water-safe, vegan-friendly, not tested on animals and the packaging is made from recyclable material.


Setting a new natural standard

These all-new, all-natural products are suitable for all skin types, even for people suffering from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, making it ideal for use by the entire family. The range is formulated with the finest plant-derived ingredients, certified organic extracts and pure essential oils. Natural Beauty’s wholly natural claim is backed up by its Natural Ingredient Standard, which serves as a guarantee that it is free from more than 400 harmful ingredients, including: parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, PEGs, preservatives, artificial fragrances and colours, animal derivatives, mineral oils, PABA, EDTA, plastic microbeads and everything that makes us and the planet sad.


What I love best about it

Natural Beauty provides a quality product that is safe for both humans and the environment. What I love the most about the product is that it doesn’t produce greywater. So you don’t need a greywater system, you can just catch up the water from washing your face and use it water your garden. What a great way to help conserve water during a time of restrictions.

The facial scrub is made with upcycled crushed walnuts, which provide a delicate but effective means to exfoliate – very effective for combating pimples and breakouts. And the daily moisturizer, with added jojoba and rosehip, not only hydrates and nourishes but leaves your skin very smooth. I highly recommend these products, which are not only available from Pick n Pay and Checkers stores, but now also at Clicks stores nationwide:


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About the author

Brenda Bryden

Brenda Bryden

Brenda is a true word nerd: sub-editor (read grammar nazi), features writer and content creator. She is passionate about reading (read bibliophile), playing board games, cooking and entertaining, music, the beach, fast cars (read speed freak) and animals. When not reading, writing or editing, she can be found walking her rescue dogs, pandering to her two cats' every whim, recycling/upcycling and serving her community.


  • Hi I have had a total abdominal hesterectomy and my face below the area i have dark patches, kindly advise as to which product will be suitable for my face. I had surgery 2 months ago

    • Hi Jenitha, trust you are recovering well from surgery. First, please note: we are not medical doctors, and this is not medical advise – you’ll have to see a doc for personalised medical advice. The dark patches sound like hyper pigmentation, which is usually caused by either: the sun, hormonal imbalances or inflammation (bruises or severe acne). Only a doctor will be able to tell for sure, but, if you’ve had a hysterectomy, chances are it could be from a hormonal imbalance due to the changes in your body. If this is the case, an internal (oral) treatment will probably be prescribed. Our recommendation: make an appointment with a dermatologist and find out for sure – they will be able to give good advice.

      Some general tips: stay out of the sun, wear broad spectrum sunscreen and cover up (the sun exacerbates all kinds of hyper pigmentation, even hormonal pigmentation flares up with sun exposure).

      For skincare: Natural Beauty products are completely natural and formulated not to disrupt the skin barrier function. It’s one of the safest products to use, if you suspect there might be an underlying skin condition. Now, there’s some reason to believe that Jojoba could be helpful in fighting melasma (hormonal hyper pigmentation), and one of the best treatments for lightening skin is exfoliation (the darkened skin needs to be gently exfoliated over time – it should disappear naturally in 4–8 weeks, if a doctor is helping you treat the underlying cause at the same time), so the Facial Scrub could help. But used sparingly (2–3 times a week), so as not to damage the skin, complemented with a Cleanser of your choice (foaming or cream, depending on your skin type: on the days in-between, and of course Moisturiser every day.

      Note: Natural Beauty products aren’t specifically made to lighten skin or treat hyper pigmentation, so you can’t rely on it by it’s own to “cure” the condition. The products are however gentle and natural enough to cleanse and nourish, without doing any harm or adding to the problem (whereas some other harsh chemicals might).

      Again: a doctor needs to advise you on how to treat it internally first, because hyper pigmentation (dark spots) tend to recur with time, unless you find out what really triggers it. Best practice is probably to make an appointment with a doc, and then take your Natural Beauty products with you and show them what you are using.

      We really hope this helps a little, and that you will see a doc and the dark patches will go away soon.