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JD Group

We created a printed magazine as a mouthpiece for the JD club, and it was so successful it helped turn the club into a profit centre


In 1994, furniture retailer JD Group needed a solution to help make their newly founded club (a benefits and rewards programme offered at point of sale and credit purchases in-store) viable across a very wide southern African market.

Unique obstacles:

  • The club (rewards system) is an intangible service; we needed to make it tangible (something physical) for a lower LSM market to understand and use.
  • Under the JD Group umbrella were several very different brands (Bradlows, Morkels, Russells, Joshua Doore, Electric Express, Barnetts, Price and Pride and Supreme), each with its own unique markets and identities – how could we cost-effectively create one solution for all?
  • The JD Group could not carry the entire cost, so our solution needed to fund or partially fund the project.
  • The JD Group was expanding and needed a solution that could work across borders, as it ventured further into Africa.

The solution:

A stable of printed club magazines, individually branded, but with a mix of shared and unique content in each to keep production costs down.



This format allows us to:

  • Create a tangible mouthpiece for the club (a physical magazine).
  • Individually brand the magazines, so each brand maintained its own look and feel.
  • Sell advertising to cover costs, leveraging off the large total print run to get favourable advertising deals.
  • Produce unique titles for Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland at excellent rates.


  • The club magazines are a huge success, achieving print runs of around 500 000, with average readership nearly three times that.
  • This helped the club develop to a point where it became a profit centre for JD Group.

“Quantum Publishers have been the exclusive publishers of JD Group Club magazines since inception 20 years ago. During this time they’ve never missed a deadline, always delivered well-designed products to our specific standards, kept up with trends and ensured our magazines stay fresh and relevant – always drawing the reader back to our core business.” – David Hirsch, then Group Executive: Merchandise and Marketing, JD Group

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