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John Craig

We firstly created a printed publication to drive brand loyalty and showcase product, and then migrated it to an online digital magazine to keep it cost-effective


Printed magazine

In 2012, men’s fashion retailer John Craig needed a content solution to both drive brand loyalty and serve as a lifestyle catalogue to promote sales among account holders and customers in store.

Unique obstacles:

  • The costs of publishing, printing and distribution were daunting, so we needed to find a way for the solution to at least partially fund itself.
  • The solution needed to add value to the customer’s life, be lifestyle-orientated and talk to his needs and interest, while at the same time showing off new product.
  • It needed to be cutting edge, fashionable and capable of enticing clothing sales.


A quarterly printed fashion magazine featuring page after page of photoshoots with models and celebrities wearing John Craig products.


This format allowed us to:

  • Sell advertising to John Craig suppliers and external companies, based on the fact that it was such a focused, niche publication.
  • Make virtually every item of clothing (even on celebs and in our lifestyle features) available for purchase in store.
  • Shoot and produce seasonally, so that everything featured the latest and upcoming fashion trends.


  • Extremely well received, with a readership of around 65 000
  • Attracted advertising from a range of related and external brands



Digital Magazine

With the recent spate of post office strikes and the escalating cost of printing, John Craig feared that the costs of distributing a printed magazine were becoming too high. They needed to find a more cost-effective means of producing the same results.

Unique obstacles:

  • John Craig had an incomplete database, existing of only phone number, addresses and names (virtually no email addresses).
  • John Craig had begun investing and developing their social media and website, but had no strategy for tying everything together.
  • John Craig was developing an online store, but had no means of promoting it.


A branded digital magazine, with new posts three times a week, that’s SEO’d and links seamlessly with social media and the online store, as well as having a built-in subscriber function.


John Craig Magazine

This format allows us to:

  • Market the digital magazine via SMS to smartphone users.
  • At the same time, begin building a new database of subscribers with more complete information.
  • Implement SEO and links to drive traffic from interesting content directly to the online store for instant sales.
  • Integrate with John Craig social media, for better cohesion: we display social media presences with links in the title, and the channels market/distribute the content.
  • Be even more current with the content.
  • Use different types of media: copy, image, video, infographics etc.
  • Still recoup some costs by selling advertising on the publication (based on its unique demographic).


  • Steady weekly readership growth
  • Nearly 50% growth in new subscriptions every month
  • 30% of traffic is new leads through organic search traffic
  • 10% of all readers are converted to leads or direct purchases at online store



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