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We created a fully online digital title to allow this manufacturer to communicate and influence its end buyer

In 2012, biotechnology research and manufacturing company, Lamelle Research Laboratories, needed a highly cost-effective solution for speaking to its end users and to show off its products and expertise without stepping on its distributors’ toes.

Unique obstacles:

  • As a small South African company playing in the massive global beauty industry, Lamelle had limited resources and needed a cost-effective solution.
  • Being a manufacturer, Lamelle had no direct contact with its end users. The customer was a client of Lamelle’s distributors (spas, aesthetic clinics, medical practitioners, beauty therapists), and Lamelle thus had no database.
  • As a supplier of top tier, cutting edge skincare products containing active and regulated ingredients, Lamelle had to retain its reputation as an authority in the industry, with emphasis on the scientific nature of what they do, but in a consumer-friendly manner.


We created a stand-alone digital title, lapelle, with weekly updates that tell the Lamelle story, but also service Lamelle’s distributors at the same time.


This format allows us to:

  • Cost-effectively produce and distribute new content regularly.
  • Negotiate a deal with distributors where we email updates to their customer databases, by producing individualised emailers that promote the distributor and give their clients access to the competitions, promotions and rewards in the publication.
  • Use a savvy team of content producers and editors to research and understand the technical aspects of Lamelle’s advanced products, with the aim of “translating” the high science into a more consumer-friendly format.
  • Begin building a new database of subscribers for Lamelle.
  • Drive traffic and interest to Lamelle’s website.
  • Integrate with Lamelle’s social media for better cohesion.
  • Provide a content hub, from where Lamelle can pull content to populate their social media, to use for PR purposes and even syndicate content with bloggers.
  • Use different types of media: copy, image, video, infographics etc.


  • Steady weekly readership growth
  • Lamelle now communicates directly with its end users
  • 10% of traffic is new leads through organic search traffic
  • 10% of readers are converted to new subscriber database (new leads)


“The publication Quantum Publishers has created for us has become an extension of our brand, enabling us to reach our target market on a complex emotional and human level.” – Edward Haefele, Brand Manager, Lamelle Research Laboratories

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