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We created a beautiful stand-alone blog to connect with readers based on their lifestyle, interests and life choices


In 2015–2016, Mentholatum South Africa needed a content hub to serve its content-driven digital marketing strategy for its newly launched all-natural product range, Natural Beauty.

Unique obstacles:

  • The entire strategy was digital, and thus it had to be a digital solution.
  • It had to be unbranded, as if a lifestyle publication, connecting with consumers through content that speaks to their interest and not solely pushing product.
  • It had to speak to the selling points of the product: natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, no animal testing, grey-water safe etc.
  • Mentholatum had no database whatsoever.


LiveNatural, the blog with a cause, features two updates weekly and is all about the vegan, eco-friendly, animal-friendly, family-friendly and all-natural glowing skin vibe and lifestyle


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This format allows us to:

  • Cost-effectively produce and distribute new content regularly.
  • Come across as a consumer title, unbranded, except for carefully placed adverts, social media feeds and “sponsored” links inside articles.
  • Produce a variety of content around the natural lifestyle, to speak to the consumer’s choices and interest and attract readers based on what they believe, rather than just pushing product.
  • Begin building a new database for Mentholatum through subscription drives.
  • Integrate with Natural Beauty’s social media.
  • Provide a content hub, from where natural Beauty can pull content to populate their social media, for advertising use and even syndicate content with bloggers.
  • Use different types of media: copy, image, video, infographics etc.

Initial Results:

  • Steady weekly readership growth
  • A beautiful lifestyle blog with topics that are very popular on social media




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