How to get your social media presence just right

Businesses need a strong and effective social media presence to promote their brand and increase sales, but how do you go about maximising your efforts?

A successful social media presence can help your business grow, if you are giving your followers what they want, when and where they want it and if the balance between quality and content is just right. Here are some important steps to follow that will help you master the complexities of social media presence.

1. Identify your audience

To effectively reach the right people through the right medium and at the right time, you need to establish exactly who your audience is, what social media platforms they use, what their interests, needs and wants are, and what other brands they follow and interact with on social media. This will help you decide which social media platforms to use, how often and when to post, the type, style and tone of your content, and what engagement elements you should use.

2. Find and attract followers

All your social media efforts will be in vain if you don’t have enough genuinely interested followers. You need people to share, comment and interact with your brand/product. And you want real followers, those that you have actually attracted and retained because they are interested in and engage with the content of your posts. It is not advisable to buy followers as these are fake profiles and offer no purpose other than falsely inflating your follower count.

How to attract followers:

  • Have complete and interesting profiles on all your social media profiles, where possible include a photograph as well as your URL and location
  • Make the links to all your profiles easy to find
  • Post great content that is engaging and relevant
  • Invite your followers to interact with you by asking them to share their experiences and encourage them to comment

3. Let your social profiles do the work

Ensure that your profiles are fully completed and contain as much information and links as possible. Because social media updates are now ranking on search engines, optimising your profiles with keywords that can then be repeated in your posts will ensure that your business is easily found during searches.

Here are some tips on how to create a powerful profile:

  • Choose an identifiable username
  • Upload a photo that will be instantly recognisable, for example, your company logo or a product image
  • Write a short bio containing carefully selected keywords and/or hashtags, which provides a clear description of your business. Think of the keywords your target audience would use to find your service/product and use those
  • Lead people to your website by adding the URL – this lends credibility
  • Add your location – a great way for getting found on search engines




4. Create a Social Media and content strategy

Before you invest valuable time and effort into every social media network available, make sure that it serves a purpose. If it doesn’t, then concentrate on the one or two that will give you the best results. Following steps 1 and 2 should give you a clear idea of where to focus your efforts. Now create a marketing calendar to identify the days and times you have news to share – product launches, blog posts, forthcoming events, etc. – then decide on which platform is best. Now determine the type of content to be posted – blogs, videos, infographics, news, shared content from other sources or a simple motivational/inspirational message, try and balance the type of content to hold your followers’ interest, while maintaining brand and message consistency. Most importantly, ensure that your content is shareable; studies have shown that readers share content that resonates with them personally.

How to create shareable content:

  • Write content using powerful words that will evoke emotions like awe, motivation, curiosity and even anger
  • Write killer headlines that create an emotional response. Make sure they are short, punchy and standout
  • Make sure the content is attractive and well-designed and organised so that it leads the eye and is easy to scan
  • Tell a story and humanise it
  • Include a sense of urgency – use words like now, first, groundbreaking
  • Use lists, especially how-to and tips lists, studies have shown that the 10-item lists are the most popular and receive the most social shares
  • Remember that each social network has its own particular audience personality, so vary the headlines and parts of the copy to suit the medium

5. Be visible

Promote your social media presence at every opportunity. If you want to be found, you need to be visible, you can’t expect your followers or potential readers to hunt you down. So make it easy for them to find and follow you. Share with everyone – don’t be a spammer, but don’t be afraid to share widely to advertise your presence on social media, this is a simple way to advertise your presence and get your message out.

Here are some easy ways to make sure you are ‘findable’:

  • Post social media links on various pages of your website, on your blog, in your email signatures, on your email newsletters, so that your audience knows where else to find you. You could grow your following considerably as your Twitter followers could become Instagram followers as well as Facebook fans
  • Add social sharing buttons (Share on Facebook, Tweet this) to all your content, so that your followers can share the content easily, thereby extending your reach and network and attracting new followers

6. Track what’s trending

Know what’s topical, what’s popular and what’s trending, then get creative and find an innovative way to take advantage. By sharing or reacting to trending topics, you stand a good chance of landing in the feeds of people who are not your direct followers.


Do you have any questions or comments on increasing your social media presence? Let me know in the comments below.

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