This is the tip that boosts post interaction by 140%

Here’s how we boosted interaction with blog posts from social media by at least 140%, just by using this more robust social media sharing schedule


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, social media is key to driving interest and engagement with your content. Sharing new content timeously and correctly through social channels boosts post interaction. By what margin, though, will differ depending on how seriously you take it.

For us at Quantum, our experiments with more robust sharing schedules have delivered over 140% more post interaction from social media, from the word go. And who knows where it’ll go once we get our social sharing schedule ticking nicely.

Where it all started: sharing schedules

The idea of sharing new content more than once and in different ways on social media is not new. As many of us see social media as part of our distribution toolkit for content, it makes sense to try and get your content in front of as many suitable hungry eyes as possible. Thus we share links, related pics and infographics, and even a few different phrasings for twitter.

And, while there are many different ideas and strategies for creating a schedule for sharing each new piece of content, we were most inspired by the recent blog post from CoSchedule, offering a structured approach that promises to boost post interaction by up to 192%.

But why?

As we mentioned before in our blog post on the best practices for social media sharing, it’s important to remember that social networks need to make money too, and they do that by gently “forcing” businesses to invest money to get their posts delivered to followers (yes, even their own followers!).

See, Facebook, for example, has become so popular that each individual has so many connections and is following so many pages, that it’s impossible for them to consume each new piece of content in their feed in any one sitting. And there’s new content being produced all the time. It’s estimated that any normal, unboosted post on Facebook viagra pas cher will only reach about 12% of your followers. Thus, if you have 1 000 likes on Facebook, normal posts will only reach about 120 of them.

To reach more of your own followers, you’ll need to invest a little money and boost the post. This can become costly over time, depending on how many posts you do and how often.

It’s the same on twitter, where the average tweet now has a half-life of about 18 seconds. If your followers don’t see your tweet within 30 seconds from you sending it, they’ll likely never see it.

So, social sharing schedules are a way for us to organise taking one piece of content and re-sharing it in new and exciting ways. This way, you reach a larger portion of your followers, without having to spend money on boosting posts.

What we did

We admittedly had previous success with a sharing strategy for Hush Puppies South Africa on our John Craig Blog earlier this year. We generated a ton of new traffic, simply by updating the share image and headline (updating the metadata of the post) and re-sharing it every week. It was an extremely effective schedule, achieving almost triple the amount of traffic the blog received per month.


More recently, we ran a competition with make-up brand MUD SA in our lapelle blog, where subscribers can win make-up kits and MUD SA experiences. This allowed for a more direct comparison, since we run regular monthly competition in lapelle, so we could just measure the interaction from social media specifically on this MUD SA post against previous posts.


We drafted a simple 12–30 day social sharing strategy for Facebook and twitter only, creating a series of new imagery and copy for each re-share. It takes a little more time to prepare each post with its schedule, but the proof is in the pudding …

The results

Interaction on this MUD SA post is up by 140% compared to any other similar and promotional posts in the same publication.

We can strongly recommend that, when creating any new piece of content, to craft several new headlines for it, and compile a library of imagery, to mix and match and share via social media in interesting new ways over a 12 to 30-day period.

Want Quantum to show you how to boost interaction and engagement with your content? Drop us a mail.

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